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Advice for Camera Shy Couples!

Updated: May 22

It's pretty common, most couples that reach out to me are mentioning that they aren't the most confident in front of a camera. I always say that there's a reason why I'm on other side of it! (Insert - I've got a face for radio joke here!)

But today I just wanted to touch upon a great way to shake those jitters and nerves when your being photographed. Primarily during your wedding day I like to work candidly and discretely meaning hopefully you won't be too aware that I'm actually taking photos! However when it comes down to your couple images during that lovely golden hour part of the day, making sure you feel like models is my sort of vibe!

Last week I ventured out of town to meet up with a lovely couple to discuss their final wedding day plans. But before we sat down with a cup of tea, we headed out on the farm to grab some very relaxed photos of them both in their home surroundings. Similar to most others, before we started they told me they weren't the most confident. But as we began to take more photos and relax, it became apparent to me that the feeling was changing! Between the shots I would often show a few of the images to them. I wanted to really get across that they had nothing to worry about. Every photo that was taken and shown to them created another small spark of confidence and it was showing within the images!

Have a look through these images. See what you think!

So, my personal advice to you is to book in with your wedding photographer for a Pre Wedding Shoot! Get to know them and how they work!

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