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Apps I Use as a Photographer (Incorporate some of them into your business!)

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

So much is happening behind the scenes within my business and it's been a busy few months. I'm starting to prepare work which will see me expand online and I couldn't be more excited! But in between all the excitement I've been trying to find ways of making work life easier. After a bit of looking around online and on the App Store I found some tools that have just taken my business to the next level in terms of appearance and productivity. I thought I'd share these with you because they have helped me no end and they might suit a purpose to you too!

1 - Unscripted (for photographers)

When starting in wedding photography I prided myself on my ability to shoot mainly candid through out the day with some simple couple/portrait shots to mix in. But this app has pushed me to explore more within couple portraits. It is one of my favourite tools as a photographer, everything is right in front of you, clear and easy to use. It highlights specific poses for different people and purposes. I can't wait to utilise it more once we open again. One for all photographers working with people!

2 - Canva (For PC)

Everybody who is running a business online from home should be using Canva. To me, Canva is a hub for design, brand identity and content creation. Mainly the latter as there are so many creative features to use and all for free. From posters to videos, letters to e-books literally almost any content you can think of it's on there. I'm able to organise all my work on the platform and access it easily. When creating content, Canva suggests professional templates to use and there are hundreds, if not thousands to choose from. It's an absolute gold mine and I would encourage anyone who isn't using it to do so now!

3 - Unfold (For mobile)

Is your business prominent on Instagram? Do you take pride in your social media posts? Unfold offers its users professional social media posting templates. I personally use them for my Instagram stories but I know they offer more. It allows you to set out groups of images and text together whilst looking respectable and clean. It's simple to carry out and saves you a lot of hassle when trying to do everything through Instagram itself. The only downside to this app is that there is only a small select range of templates you can use on the free version. I suppose they have to make their money somehow!

There's my three go to apps! If anyone has any other apps that they'd like to share with everyone that might help out, please leave them in the comment section below. Let's all smash our goals together!

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